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Benefits of Wall Mounting your TV

Benefits of Wall Mounting your TV

These are a few benefits of wall mounting your TV

You might not think of it immediately, but when you buy a television, it’s important to go for a proper installation.

After all, no one wants a pile of cables coming out from under the television. Some people also want it mounted on the wall and this isn’t always easy to do yourself either.

Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to TV installation so that it becomes a perfectly fitting part of the interior. One of these options is TV wall mounting.

Why is wall mounting your TV a good idea?

There are several reasons why TV wall mounting is wise. For example, it brings many benefits in terms of safety, space saving, and interior design, among others.

TV wall mounting can save you money

It can sometimes be quite a search when you want to find TV furniture that fits your interior perfectly. In addition, these are often expensive.

You can choose to spend a lot of money on extra furniture, but a TV bracket is often just as nice and is also a lot cheaper.

Even if you go for a flexible TV bracket, this is generally not that expensive. This applies when you have no setup boxes or game consoles.

Wall mounting your TV enables you to save space

When you buy a TV, you want to give it a place in your home. You can choose for it to sit on a  TV unit, but these often take up a lot of space.

When you live in a small flat or simply have a smaller living room or bedroom, this can be a big disadvantage. So, this brings us to the first advantage of wall mounting your TV: it saves space. 

If you do get your TV mounted on the wall. Then you can use the remaining space for other things. This way, you make the best use of the space you have.

TV wall mounting can reduce clutter

Nobody likes clutter in their home. Wall mounting your TV can reduce clutter. First of all, it saves a cabinet because you don’t need a TV unit anymore.

A cabinet is often full of clutter, and this is no longer the case when the TV is mounted on the wall. In addition, you no longer have to deal with a lot of cables running from the TV to the TV box, from the TV to the socket, from the TV to any PlayStation or XBOX and so on.

These cables can make for a cluttered space as well. When a TV is mounted on the wall, the cables can also be hidden inside the walls. It’s not always easy to get this done, but with the help of a good installer, it’s no problem at all.

Wall mounting your TV contributes to safety at home

These days, TVs are a lot lighter. The newer the TV, the less it weighs and the easier it is for a child to push it over. Whether they do it consciously or unconsciously, it can fall over when they bump into it. Of course, you want to prevent it from landing on a child. 

The same goes for pets. They too can knock a TV off a TV cabinet while playing. It can therefore be very advantageous to fix the TV to the wall. That way, children and pets cannot reach it as easily and the chances of it ending up on the floor are much lower.

Furthermore, cables can often be better hidden, making it harder for children and pets to reach them. This contributes to safety at home, which of course is very important.

TV wall mounting can optimize your viewing experience

There are a lot of advantages to TV mounting, especially when it comes to your viewing experience. Your TV Installer from Express Installers will guide you on the right height for your TV.

When the TV is too low, you can suffer from neck pain. The same applies when the TV hangs too high. When the TV is installed, you can discuss the best height with the installer. The best height for your TV depends, among other things, on viewing distance from the TV, room size, the height of the chairs or sofa, etc.

What type of TV mounting options are out there?

There are different types of professional TV mounting options that we offer our clients. Before choosing between all the options, it is nice to know which are available.


TV wall mounting

This type of TV mounting involves mounting the TV to the wall with a TV wall bracket. 

When you have this done by one of our installers, both the area for installation and the wall mount are thoroughly inspected. There is also the option of concealing cables, ensuring a tidy space.


TV bracket installation with cable concealing inside the wall

Some people like the cables to be completely concealed so that the concealment is not visible either. 

We offer this service at Express Installers. We offer TV bracket mounting including cable concealment inside the wall. This includes brush plate installation. 

This way, the cables are completely concealed, and you only see the TV hanging on the wall.


TV wall mounting over fireplace

If you have a fireplace, it can be very nice to have the TV installed above it. We, therefore, offer this option. It involves inspecting the area for installation and then installing the TV above the fireplace.

Cables can also be concealed inside the wall completely for that minimalistic and contemporary feel.


Soundbar wall mounting

Besides TVs, we also mount soundbars onto the wall. We place these under the TV for a perfect finish. We also connect the soundbar to the TV, so you don’t have to do that yourself. 

When a TV is hanging on the wall, it’s nice when a soundbar can hang with it and this option makes this possible.

As you can see, attaching your TV to the wall brings a lot of benefits. Not only does it allow you to put together your perfect interior, but it also offers advantages in terms of safety and well-being. 

Of course, there are also very nice TV cabinets, but they are often a lot more expensive than TV brackets, and, in addition, it’s easier for children and pets to knock over a TV when it is on a cabinet. 

So, there is a lot to think about when placing a TV in a room. With the help of our installers, this is a lot easier. 

You don’t have to mount the TV yourself and we can look for the most suitable height at which to hang the TV together. In addition, the cables can be well concealed to create a quiet, tidy space.

Give us a call today or simply fill out our enquiry form and let’s work with you to create that perfect space for you.

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