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What is Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is a premium television from Sky, designed with cutting-edge technology and aesthetic appeal. This advanced TV offers a streamlined, sleek design that integrates seamlessly into modern living spaces.

Equipped with a high-resolution display, it delivers stunning visual clarity and vibrant colours. It supports advanced features like HDR and Dolby Atmos, enhancing your viewing and audio experience.

The TV includes built-in streaming capabilities. There are 2 options: setting it up on a tabletop or wall mounting it.

You will find a 300 x 200 VESA arrangement at the back of the TV.  Though it doesn't come with installation services, a professional TV Installation service provider can arrange this.

It is engineered for performance and elegance, setting a new standard in home entertainment.



Sky Glass Wall Mounting with cable concealing



Key Takeaways


Align the mounting points with the VESA pattern for secure attachment.

The supplied Sky Glass Wall Mount is not recommended, especially not on Plasterboard surfaces.

Locate studs to ensure the best support for the TV's weight.

Consult a professional installer to guarantee secure Sky Glass Installation.



Why Choose Sky Glass Wall Mounting?

There are a few benefits of wall mounting your TV. This option saves space, enhances room aesthetics.

The smart TV enables streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, etc., which require an internet connection. And it has reasonable audio sound.

But what truly sets it apart is the absence of an external setup box, as it has been integrated into the TV unit. This frees up space and means that you can watch TV as usual without the regular Sky box if you are already a Sky customer.

Also, it does not require a satellite cable, which means fewer cables are needed, as all that is required is the power plug cable, except when connecting an HDMI cable to an external device if needed.

With Sky Glass wall mounting, you can enjoy your favourite shows and movies at the right height for comfortable viewing.



Sky Glass Wall Mounting soundbar



Sky Glass Sizes

When choosing the ideal Sky Glass TV, consider the three available sizes: 43 inch, 55 inch, and 65 inch Sky Glass, each tailored to different viewing preferences and room dimensions.

The 43 inch model weighs approximately 13.8 kg without the stand, making it suitable for smaller rooms or more compact spaces.

The 55 inch version, at around 20 kg, offers a balanced viewing experience for medium-sized rooms.

The largest, the 65 inch model, weighs about 26.4 kg heavy and is ideal for expansive living areas or home theaters.

These specifications are essential when planning your wall mount setup, ensuring you choose the appropriate hardware and support structures.

Each size offers unique advantages, so please align your choice with your spatial and viewing requirements.



How Can I Wall Mount Sky Glass TV?

The Sky Glass TVs are impressive in terms of their simplicity. However, some factors must be considered when deciding whether to mount them on the wall.



The Supplied Wall Bracket - Also, Template Instruction

The supplied Sky Glass wall bracket is also part of the TV stand, which is used to install it on a tabletop.

While this is perfect when the TV is secure on a table stand, the wall mounting plate is too narrow. It doesn't spread the weight over a wider area, which is necessary to mount Sky Glass on the wall for safety and security, especially for the larger Sky Glass models.

This TV is designed to be flush to the wall. The wall plate has four elevated pins inserted into four recesses behind it.

The problem is that for the pins on the plate to slide into the recess behind the TV, they have to be slanted into place at an angle to get it in (this is quickly done when the plate is used as a stand and there is a lot of space behind it); however, when wall mounted, the wall plate is so flush to the wall that you will not be able to get the angle required to hook it in place.

To fix this issue, the installation guide advises putting four bulky spacers between the narrow plate and the wall, which makes it even less sturdy and unsafe, especially on plasterboard.

Also, if an electric socket is present behind the TV, the narrow space behind it will prevent it from being used when considering mounting, as there will need to be more space for the plug.

The Sky Glass wall mounting guide and product information leaflet recommend that an electrician recess the power socket, as they are familiar with this problem.

While this is easily said, this additional cost is not always within customers' budgets.



The solution

Luckily, it has a built-in VESA (Interface Standards for the Display Industry) attachment, which makes TV wall mounting compatible and fit with third-party TV brackets instead.

If you want to order a Sky Glass wall mount, please ensure it properly distributes the TV's weight for safe and secure mounting.



Sky Glass Wall Mounting no cables



Conclusion - Please Note

Sky Glass wall mounting is an excellent way to enhance your viewing experience while adding a modern touch to your room decor.

Considering the issues with the supplied Sky Glass bracket, it is highly recommended that you consult a competent professional installer to help with wall mounting, as this can quickly go wrong.

There is also a growing online Sky community that posts personal tips; however, these cannot be relied upon, and there is no liability if they do not go according to plan.

According to Sky and as stated on its website, Sky Glass is designed and intended to be mounted only by a professional installer. Sky excludes all liability for any injury and damage caused by non-professional installation.

In addition, different wall types require specific fixings and screws to guarantee safe TV wall mounting and prevent damage.

We recommend consulting with Express Installers for advice and installation.





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